If you are a senior, please also refer to our Seniors page for extra information regarding driving rules and advice.

Australian Financial Security Authority external-link

Personal Property Securities Register external-link
To check if a vehicle has outstanding debt, is reported stolen, is written-off, or has been recalled

Child Car Seats (consortium)

Find and compare ratings on car seats external-link (new rating method introduced 2018)

Clipit On Australia external-link

To secure ‘L’ plate and ‘P’ plate clips

Note: Neighbourhood Watch cannot endorse a product or service.

It’s a Fine Line external-link

Motorcycle safety

Ku-ring-gai Council external-link

To report an abandoned vehicle or illegal parking external-link
Lodge a report online, including all details and a photo – example of a local council.

MotoCap external-link (Motorcycle Clothing Assessment Program)

Provides riders with scientifically-based information on the relative protection and comfort on a range of motorcycle protective jackets, pants and gloves available in Australia and New Zealand.

National Bike Register external-link

Bicycle Ownership Register

Log a stolen bike external-link

National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council external-link

Wish You’d Installed an Immobiliser leaflet
FREE Resources and pdfs to download
eg Wish You’d Secured Your Motorcycle?, Car Security Begins at Home, etc
Newsletters external-link: eg theft watch, theft matters, etc

National Transport Commission

Load Restraint Guide external-link (pdf to download)

Neighbourhood Watch Ku-ring-gai & Hornsby

Our 20 Favourite Crime Prevention Tips for Car Owners external-link (pdf to download)
Our 20 Favourite Crime Prevention Tips for Safer Drivers external-link (pdf to download)
FAQ#13 – HOW SHOULD I REPORT HOONS? external-link (pdf to download)
FAQ#25 – WHAT SHOULD I DO IF I SEE/HEAR LIGHTS & SIRENS? external-link (pdf to download)

NSW Department of Education

Public School Calendar Term Dates external-link
For when the 40kph speed limits are in force

NSW Government

Find a Safe Drivers Course Provider external-link
SafeWork Quad Bike Safety external-link

NSW Government – State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) external-link

Report CTP Fraud external-link
Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Green Slip Fraud Hotline
Phone: 1800 600 444

NSW Justice external-link

Protecting your vehicle external-link

NSW Police

Crash Reporting FAQs external-link
What to do after a Car Crash glovebox card (pdf to download)
Protect your Car – Fact Sheet
Vehicle Safety document

PCYC Hornsby/Ku-ring-gai external-link

Police Citizens Youth Clubs NSW

Safer Drivers Course external-link

Roads & Maritime Services external-link

Breakdown Safety Glovebox Guide (pdf to download)
Heavy Vehicle Driver Handbook
Hooning & Street Racing external-link
[At the time, call 000. Any other time, phone your local Police Station to report hoon behaviour happening in your neighbourhood]
Loads & Height Restrictions external-link
Motorcycle Riders’ Handbook
Road Rules external-link
Safety & Rules – Roads external-link

Live Traffic NSW
FREE Live Traffic App Android external-link
FREE Live Traffic App Apple external-link
Live Traffic NSW external-link – traveler info and alerts
Phone: 131 700
To report incidents, traffic signals not working, potholes, etc

Service NSW external-link

FREE Service NSW mobile phone App external-link
FREE Service NSW Online Services external-link – Sign up for Vehicle Registration SMS Reminder Service

Report Unsafe Driving Practices external-link

SnapSendSolve external-link

Free APP that let’s you report issues to relevant authorities eg potholes, illegal parking

Sunbury SES

Driver awareness around emergency vehicles – video external-link

Transport for NSW Centre for Road Safety external-link

Transport for NSW Centre for Road Safety Facebook page external-link
Driver Reviver Map external-link
Driveway Safety – Are your Kids at Risk? (pdf to download)
Electric scooters, skateboards external-link
Mobile phone road rules external-link
Ride to Live – Tips for Drivers external-link
Seatbelt rules for taxis, Ubers, etc. external-link
School Zones and School Zone Days external-link
Staying Safe external-link
Top 10 Misunderstood Road Rules in NSW (pdf to download)
Towards Zero NSW Road Safety Strategy external-link
Used Car Safety Ratings 2020 (pdf to download)
Younger Drivers  external-link

Victoria Police external-link

Bicycle Security Brochure external-link

Youth Safe external-link

“Teaching Aussie Teens to Drive” external-link FREE eBook