NSW Department of Primary Industries

Saltwater Recreational Fishing Guide (pdf to download)

Fishers Watch – Report illegal fishing 
Phone: 1800 043 536

NSW Transport Roads & Maritime Services

Alcohol – go easy on the drink
Boating at night
Cold water boating
Dive Safe – a few quick tips for boat drivers

Keep a proper lookout
Paddle safe sticker
Personal watercraft handbook – PWC rules and requirements
PWC behaviour label – When driving a personal watercraft
Servicing your ultra inflatable lifejacket
Speed and wash
Vessel design and suitability
Wear a lifejacket – make sure it is checked and serviced
What to know before you tow

NSW Maritime YouTube Channel (Subscribe for heaps of great info)

Recreational Fishing Alliance of NSW

Rock Fishing & Recreational Fishing Safety Advice

Australian Financial Security Authority

Personal Properties Securities Register
Check before buying a boat