New menu item for Covid

We thought it was time to put a page especially for this Covid Pandemic, in order to give you the most important links to the correct information out there.

It’s not just about connecting you to the Public Health Orders & Restrictions to prevent crime. It’s about ensuring the whole community feels safe and secure, especially the vulnerable, aged, or socially isolated residents in our community. That may include people’s mental health; a difficult subject for many. Look after yourselves, and please look out for your neighbours!


Home Security Products?

Neighbourhood Watch receives many questions, suggestions and comments via our website and weekly eNewsletter. This week’s was:

Would anyone be able to recommend a service that could advise on home security? I would like to make my home safer and perhaps there are professionals in this area?

Our reply was:

Unfortunately Neighbourhood Watch cannot endorse any product or service. We suggest you go to the Choice appraisals. Choice is independent.

Thank you for your questions. This question will prompt us to update our website. Please keep the questions coming.

And so our Homes page here has been updated to include the Choice website search results for ‘Home Security’. We like to make it as easy as possible for the next person šŸ™‚


New year, new links!

Happy New Year 2020 and Happy New Lunar Year of the rat! Thank you to those who keep sending us suggestions – please keep them coming. A few new links have been added:

Service NSW – Report unsafe driving practices
(eg to report unsafe and/or medically unfit drivers)
Roads & Maritime Services – Hoons – information page on street racing and other ‘hoon’ offences.
Text “[Phone Hornsby Police Station 9476 9799 to report hoon behaviour happening in your neighbourhood]”

NSW RFS Reporting Page – to report lit cigarette butts thrown from a car

ID Theft Blackout Roller
– a product example, to protect you from Identity Theft

ACNC – Australian Charities & Not-for-profits Commission
– to verify a charity is in fact a charity via a search of the ACMC Charity Register



Senior Drivers checked and revised!

Our local Crime Prevention Officer is giving a presentation this month to senior drivers. This is a good time for us to check the links in our Seniors and Drivers/Cyclists pages. Yes – some great pdfs to view or download!

A Guide to Older Driver Licensing
On the Road 65Plus – Staying Safe and Independent’ and
‘Staying on the Move with Dementia’


4 Reasons to follow the PPSR link

This week we have had volunteers checking and correcting broken links. Thanks to Wal and Jack in particular šŸ™‚

We have also included some fresh text on the Drivers & Cyclists page to show how the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) has 4 reasons to check a new car:

  1. Is it free from debt?
  2. Has it been written off?
  3. Has the vehicle been recalled?
  4. Is it reported as stolen?

What secrets could a used car be hiding?